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The CGDC Assistants and Associates Program is an equal opportunity endeavour providing paid career training, development, mentorship, and work placement for artists looking to become professional directors and choreographers in Canadian theatre. Successful applicants will not only receive on-the-job work placement opportunities under esteemed creatives, but will also participate in an in-depth educational course to further their understanding of all aspects of the creative process.


Because assistants and associates are essential positions in theatre and integral to its ecosystem. The experience, education, and connections made while in these positions provide an artist with exponential professional growth. However, this path is not currently feasible for most. The CGDC will build pathways for young-in-craft artists who are seeking to become professional theatre creators in Canada and endeavour to ensure fair compensation.   


The CGDC AAP Course consists of a 2 hour commitment via Zoom each Monday for a period of 3 months,.


To be announced.

Follow us on Instagram @officialcgdc for updates.


1. Review each available position's description and criteria, and choose which position best suits and interests you most 

2. Fill out the application below. You will need to:

- Provide information regarding your previous eligible work experience

- Include 2 reference letters from professional directors and/ or choreographers

- Attach your headshot and resume

- Answer a few short-form questions

3. Once you submit your application it will be reviewed. You will be notified once final decisions have been made

Available Positions:

If there is any way we can make this application more accessible to you, or if you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at


The application portal is now closed. 

The 2023/24 CGDC Assistants and Associates Program was made possible through the support of Canada Council for the Arts. 



Julie Tomaino 2.jpeg


"When I made the transition from being a performer to learning the craft of choreography and stage direction, I was met with many brick walls. There was no clear path and no viable way to break into the industry in Canada. Through perseverance and a belief that I had something to offer, I slowly got opportunities to assist and be an associate, but I was never paid a living wage. What excites me about CGDC is that we can change that for the next generation. Access, a clear path, and abundant opportunities to work alongside established artists are the things I wish I had when I was emerging as a creative. It is so fulfilling as a mentor to see young-in-experience artists struggle and then succeed, and find their path forward. I love helping other artists as much as I love creating stories!"


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